Re: Preset RST Sent and Received not showing.

Jim Hargrave

When all else fails…re-boot.

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Hmmm... Something fishy here.

For some reason, earlier this week when I clicked in the bandmap (as I usually do) the callsign transferred to the Entry Window and the radio changed to the stn freq but the RST Sent and Received windows were blank. This occurred several times resulting in blank RST entries in the logbook for those contacts. The preset values from the bandplan was not being moved to the Entry window. I spent 2 days trying everything I could think of including using a saved, known good, .ini file, verifying that the bandplan was correctly configured, restarting the computer etc. Noting made any difference so I asked for help from the Group, turned everything off and watched some boob tube movies.

Came back down and --- now it's working the way it was before, Go figure.

Is STUXNET still going around?

Ken - KB7H

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