Re: Logger

K4SB <k4sb@...> wrote:
Seems to me that if the old logger list is definitely not going to
return it might be worthwhile renaming this one as Logger? Then at
least everybody who has it bookmarked will find it in the end.
Better check with Bob first on that one. He does have the thing
copy writed, although I expect he would have no problem with it.

Also seems to me that a moderator has two choices - Accept everything
and anything put on the list or Censor everything that is not to his
There's another choice; GUIDANCE! This latest flap could have
been easily avoided with a simple email to one individual. But
when you add in the ego of KH2D, ( and you should see copies of
the vulgar and profane email he sent some members ) it becomes

Hope this works out. Logger is a wonderful problem.
Can't pass this one up. "out of the mouths of babes..." Laughed
for a whole minute.


73 Roger

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