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John Munton <JOHNG7SSE@...>

Not a 570 Jim but, for my Kenwood TS2000 I have both "Set DTR high" and "Set RTS high" ticked in the radio setup menu.
Might be worth Leon checking those settings.

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Does anyone have a Kenwood TS-570D working on Logger32?

If so please see if you can help Leon get his working.



73, Jim – w5ifp@...


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Program worked on windows 10.

Only my radio Kenwood ts570d , i can not change frequenties. Radio1 is turned bleu, all settings correct, 9600, databits 8 stopbits 1 .

Can you tell me wath i have to do please, so that when i click on a station the radio go’s to that frequentie?


Kind regards, ON7LV, Leon.


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