Re: 2nd vfo display

John Munton <JOHNG7SSE@...>

By Radio 1 band screen do you mean in the Radio Control panel window?
If so, two things to try:
1. In Setup, Radio, Radio1 Config tick the "Icom needs legacy frequency poll" option.
2. Use one of the macro buttons in the RCP for this command: $icomVFOB$
Not sure if either of these will work for you but worth a try.
Good luck
John - G7SSE

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I have a old Icom IC-781. works fine with L32 but frequency is rather slow in my Radio 1 band screen.

Does anyone knows how to show the 2nd VFO in de Radio 1 band screen ?

Never saw the 2nd VFO or is it impossible to show that by my old radio?

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