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It is not a radio problem.

The problem is with the bandmap. When you click on a spot the radio responds immediately. Then it takes five or six seconds for the call (the spot you clicked on) to appear in the Logbook entry window and for the previous QSO's, if there are any, to come up in the previous QSOs window. Then the bandmap goes blank and all the calls reload.

73  Terry N4TB

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Did you figure out why it is taking your radio sooooo long to QSY?  When you looked at the Radio Debug Window it told you exactly how long (and why).  Would you like to share with others what you found?  73.

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Since the last update - 3.39.181 when I click on a cluster spot my radio
immediately moves to the new QRG but it takes 4 to 5 seconds for the
call to show up in the log book entry window and previous QSO data to
show up in the previous QSO window. Also when I change bands on the
radio, FT-1000MP Mk V, it takes 4 or 5 seconds for the new cluster data
to show up.


This delay has not been there before and is irritating when switching
bands looking for a station like the W1AW/ operations.


No other changes to the computer, N1MM works with almost instantaneous
band changes.


Is this now "normal" operation for L32 or is there something I can
change to get back to the previous version?


Thanks, 73


Terry N4TB


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