Re: COM ports vs USB

William D Briggs <bbriggs@...>


I purchased a Entrega USB to serial adaptor from Computer Warehouse. I installed it on my portable running Windows 98 and it works perfectly. It gave me four additional 9 pin serial ports. I use them for rig control, packet cluster, and rotor control.

Bill Briggs

At 11:20 PM 7/10/00 +0000, Kl0nr@... wrote:
Connecting , Radio control, PTT, Cluster, DATA, and etc.etc.
translates into a lot of Com ports.
I am a novice in using these programs let alone understanding the
details. Is it possible to utilize the USB ports for connecting the
TNC's for the DATA and Cluster windows, as well as for Radio Contol,
possibly more than one. If so how? Any one out there using USB
instead of Com ports?

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