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Terry Burkholder <tabn4tb@...>

I have had this occur a number of times, several when I am in QSO. I get a message "Logger32 has encountered a problem and is shutting down".  When I restart Logger I get messages that "can't open com port it is in use" so have to shutdown the computer and reboot.

I just downloaded 3.49.31 and it has not happened YET.

Running Windoz 7 with all sleep/timeout functions shut off.

73  Terry N4TB

On 4/24/2014 11:44 AM, KE1F Lou wrote:


Last night I left the Logger32 v. 8.49.31 running without the microHAM router and cw machine and MMTTY programs  running.
This morning I found the cw machine window on the monitor and Logger32/MMTTY shut down.
I had to re-booth the XP in order to make things work again.
73 Lou

On 4/23/2014 1:24 PM, KE1F Lou wrote:


I have not tried it without the router.

XP power saving modes was changed to NEVER. So it is not an OS issue.

I did try with the router and CW machine loaded and the Logger32 didn't shut down.

Logger32 shut down when I had the CW machine and MMTTY running for a few hours.

I also noted when I load the MMTTY program,.  I get a message in the MMTTY window:
"Radio 1 Com port changed by Logger32 to Com 6. Radio 1 keying port Com 6 set to operate FSK".

I have no idea what the above mean.


On 4/21/2014 6:10 PM, ayoshida wrote:



Try to check without USB device router.

aki  ja1nlx

(2014/04/22 7:00), KE1F Lou wrote:


If it is a Windows problem why the shutdown is limited to Logger32 only and not to other running programs?

Lou  KE1F

On 4/21/2014 2:26 PM, VE6LB wrote:


Sounds like a Windows power setting problem.

73 Gerry VE6LB

On 21/04/2014 10:05 AM, KE1F Lou wrote:

I am using XP OS, microHam USB Device Router v. 8.5.3 and Logger32 v.

When I leave the Logger32 unused for hours and when I return the Logger turn itself off.

To restore everything to normal operation I have to re-booth the computer and re-load Router and Logger32, otherwise Com port 6 (FSK and
PTT) port will not operate.

Is there a setting to keep Logger32 alive?

73 Lou KE1F


73, Gerry VE6LB/VA6XDX
DXCC Card Checker- Southern Alberta
VE6 QSL Buro Team Member

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