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Curt Wann <curtwann2@...>

Let me clarify the steps Phillippe gave.  This operation appears to me a little awkward but it works. I had to play with it several times to get my Cluster window to disappear.

1. On the Main toolbar select "View" then select "Show Cluster Window".
2. The Cluster window opens. 
3. On the Cluster window toolbar select "Telnet".  This (sometimes) opens a Telnet window in the Cluster window.
4. Place the cursor in the Cluster window (not on the Telnet window if it appears) and do a right click. 
5.This brings up another window. In this window uncheck "Login on Start".

Curt Wann

From: "Philippe Smagghe"
To: hamlogger@...
Sent: Friday, September 27, 2013 10:47:18 AM
Subject: Re: [hamlogger] opening DX cluster


Hello Martin, Ray

If you don't need DXCLuster in Logger32

Open in main toolbar..View
Then Show Cluster Windows
Telnet windows is now open
Open the second Tab wich is the cluster
Then Right Click in the cluster windows
Then uncheck "Login on Start"

You can also Setup it
Right Click in Cluster windows
Setup remote host
and delete all entries
and of course uncheck "login on start"
Hope that can help you

73's Philippe

De : Martin
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Envoyé le : Vendredi 27 septembre 2013 16h27
Objet : [hamlogger] opening DX cluster

I`m NOT using the dx cluster in logger 32, but since last week, since verion 3.47.12  21 sept, the cluster opens.
When i close the cluster in the program, the next time when open logger 32 it is not there, but when i close logger, the screan from the cluster pops up and the program shuts down.
than next time i open logger32 again the cluster opens again??
now version 3.47.23 i still the same....
any idea what is wrong..

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