Logger32 update


The next Logger32 update will include support for the Griffin PowerMate USB knob.  I you have a Griffin (or maybe a pryde of Griffins :) set them up as follows:


To control the primary radio, program your Griffin:  CTL+> for up xHz, CTL+< for down xHx, ALT+CTL+> for up 1000Hz and ALT+CRL+< for down 1000Hz.

To control the SO2R or SO2V, program your Griffin: CTL+upArrow for up xHz, CTL+dnArrow for down xHz, ALT+CTL+upArrow for up 1000Hz and ALT+CRL+dnArrow for down 1000Hz.

To enable the global hotkeys for the Griffins, click SETUP | HOTKEYS | POWERMATE GRIFFIN USB VFO KNOB.


The above description of Griffin programming refers to xHz.  xHz is a small frequency increment.


Logger32 has a feature that allows the user to roll their mousewheel over the frequency display on the Logbook Entry Window.  This moves your VFO up/down by small increments.  Right click on the frequency on the Logbook Entry Window to show a menu of frequency increment options.  Set this to suit your operating style.  If you are familiar with rolling the mousewheel over the frequency display to move the VFO up/down, then you know that holding down the SHIFT key while doing this multiplies the increment by a factor of 10.  The same applies to spinning the Griffin wheel.


For the more creative user, you could of course program a single Griffin to control both radios: CTL+> for primary radio up xHz, CTL+< for primary radio down xHz, CTL+upArrow for SO2R/SO2V up xHz, CTL+dnArrow for SO2R/SO2V down xHz,




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