To answer an SWL-paper card

Peter Eckersberger


I tried to confirm the receive of a paper SWL-card by following the procedure in the "Help"-section of "Logger32". The "Logger32" version is 3.47.23

Here the story ... "SP-0142-JG" sent a paper card and requested confirmation of a QSO which I had last year with the Polish DXpedition "5T0SP". The QSL-manager of that DXpedition was "SP6FXY".

Everything went fine except the fact that the DXpeditions QSL-manager was also taken over onto the label which I like to send to the SWL. At the upper right edge of the label it says ... via: SP6FXY

Well, provided that it wasn't me by doing something wrong or misunderstanding the system IMO that manager should not be written onto the label/QSL-card I send to the SWL. In that case the DXpeditions manager has no function at all. My confirmation card should be addressed and go straight to the SWL.

73 de Pez,ᅵ OE3EPW

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