Re: V 3.47.0 and 3.47.2 - Radio type Ten Tec Pegasus is Unsupported

Rick Williams - VE7TK

I too encountered this exact problem when I loaded 3.47. I restarted L32 and got the same error. I then tried starting L32 with the rig on and with the rig off. Starting it with N4PY software on first and N4PY software off first?

After all these combinations I started writing a message similar to yours. BSuddenly I notice that the rig and L32 were now talking?

One of these efforts finally got L32 and the Ten-Tec Pegasus synch'd and it has been stable ever since. "Unfortunately" now I cannot duplicate the problem. But that's not a bad thing - hi!

Good luck.

73, Rick

--- In, Radio Ktwonf <k2nf@...> wrote:

Possibly one of the group members has encountered this error message in 3.47 and has a fix or workaround.   One of my radio types that I have used in many prior versions of Logger32 is a Ten Tec Pegasus. I have had no prior problem with this interface in past releases. When I did the 3.47 install I received a message stating that " Radio Type Ten Tec Pegasus is Unsupported ".  When I went into the " Radio 1 " configuration menu I noticed that Ten Tec Pegasus was in the drop down but could not be selected and applied. I also noticed that there is an entry in the drop down for " Ten Tec Perseus " which I do not recall seeing before. The Pegasus uses a file for transferring its frequency and mode info to Logger32.  I checked this file (  C:&#92;N4PY&#92;pegasus.out ) and it contained the correct mode and frequency info for the Pegasus. However, Logger32 does not seem to be opening the  " port " and picking up the information from the file . Has anyone
experienced this problem in 3.47.0 and 3.47.1 and found a fix or workaround or knows what I am doing wrong ?
Thanks - Neil K2NF

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