LoTW Award credits with BAD dates

Rick Williams - VE7TK

Yesterday I thought I'd try the SP7DQR software in an attempt to get my ARRL Credits synchronized with Logger32.  In anticipation I had backups and a complete ADIF of my L32 logbook.

I have approximately 14,000 QSOs in the log over a period of 25+ years.  The download process took about 50 minutes and generated the anticipated NEW ADIF file.  It also generated a 3 page BAD.ADI file.  

The BAD.ADI file was quite odd and quite an eye opener.  In some cases the call in my log and the ARRL call did not agree (e.g. ARRL had 4L1FK and my log had 4L1FL).  This accounted for 5 of the almost 150 errors.

The main problem was the date.  In almost all the errors the date was "year-01-01".  That's right, January 1st of the year in question!  

To see what was happening I logged onto LoTW and sure enough the QSO submitted by L32 and in the LoTW database was the correct date. Here's an example - C31HK - 1993-05-31 SSB on 20 metres.  That's what's in my log AND on LoTW.

However, this QSO was submitted with a paper QSL card L-O-N-G before LoTW.  When I went to Awards (on the LoTW site) and looked at my 20M QSOs I found:

     Andorra (203)  C31HK  20M  SSB  1993-01-01

Why it is Jan 01, 1993 --- I have no idea.  However, this type of date "error" is repeated over & over on the 3 pages of the BAD.ADI file.  Also, it seems limited to 1994 and earlier.  

The only way I think this could have happened would be if it was entered into the ARRL Database by the gurus in Newington.

I tried to enter the "NEW" ADIF file but I ran into too many errors (some a result of MY previous L32 GRANTED entries - discussed here on the list).  I decided NOT proceed.

I have returned to my backups and all is well.


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