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gboutin <gboutin@...>

Darren, exactly as you describe happens here also. In case it makes a difference, I can add that I do not have a radio connected as it is currently not hooked up. As you say, your scenario works OK if the first character of the new callsign is a letter.

However, selecting the callsign with the mouse is not the expected way to clear the callsign. Simpler is to just click on where the word Call is.

Gerald Boutin, VE1DT

--- In, "Darren Collins (G0TSM)" <daz@...> wrote:

Does this happen with anyone else?

73 Darren G0TSM

On 15/05/2013 22:30, Darren Collins (G0TSM) wrote:

If I type a call in the logbook entry window, highlight it and start
over-typing another call that starts with a number then the number
disappears leaving the original call. If I type in my call G0TSM,
highlight it with the mouse and type 8P2T in the call field I end up
with P2TG0TSM.
Yes I know I can highlight the call and hit backspace to clear the call
or can click at the side of the window to clear but I'm curious as to
why it does this? There must be a reason as it doesn't do it with letters.
This is constantly catching me out as often highlight and over-type in
Word, email etc.

73 Darren G0TSM

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