Re: Logger32 v3.44.9 _MMVARI Engine_Function Net ON

Peter Eckersberger


Same here. After starting Logger32 and MMVari Engine one has to make a
double click onto "Net off/Net on" to bring the performance back to
normal. Its the same with both Win7 and XP.

73 de Pez, OE3EPW


Am 05.02.2013 19:40, schrieb F1MKC:

Hello all,
I have the same problem since the last release...
I only click once "net off" then "net on"
at each time i use logger/mmvari
OS here is vista

F1MKC Didier

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Subject: [hamlogger] Logger32 v3.44.9 _MMVARI Engine_Function Net ON

Hello to all.
Is there a bug in Logger32 v3.44.9
with the Net ON function ?
First start Logger32, the two marks in the waterfall of MMVARI Engine are
superimposed and move together.
Strange !!!
Best Regard
F5SZY / Yves


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