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That is exactly why I questioned this in the first place. So the files to be moved/deleted are just the four plain files?
NOT the ones with or or or or as filename extensions?
Do I have this correct?
Thanks, Mike N2TBP

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Be careful!

There are many files with these extensions. Your logbook is either if you gave your logbook a special name like your call. or a default logbook name of (xxx being the 4 file extensions mentioned).

Gerry VE6LB

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The four files are the .isd - .isf - .isl and .ism

73 de KB2SSE - Ken

On 3/26/2012 1:49 PM, Mike Mustachio wrote:

Thanks Didier!!!

Question for Jim W5IFP:
In your instructions for using this program, we are instructed to :
"Open the Logger32 directory with Windows Explorer and delete or move
the four
Logbook32 files to a temp directory."
Exactly which files are we to remove/move? I see 24 logbook files with
different extensions : Admin, credit, extension, stats, year, and then
plain .isd, .isf, .isl, and .ism.
Thanks for any clarification you can shed on this.
73 N2TBP Mike

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Hello Logger32 users!

I have uploaded a new version of ADIFLookup.
The new version uses the HamQTH database instead of the "free" QRZ
access which no longer works.

I removed support for the QRZ XML access because I was not sure how
many people used it and it conflicted with the changes I had to make
to support HamQTH, but if you are using the QRZ XML access and you are
happy with the old version, there is nothing wrong with continuing to
use it. I do not believe Floyd will make any drastic change to the XML
access, at least to the extent that this program uses it, so you should be OK for a while.

If there were enough demand, I could put it back in the current
version, but unless enough people are interested, I am not planning to
at the moment.

There were quite a few changes required, mainly because I rewrote a
good bit of the software in order to facilitate support of new
databases in the future, so as always, there may be a few bugs there
left for you to discover....

I recommend starting with relatively short ADIF files of maybe 10-30
QSOs and check the output file carefully with a text editor, before
running your entire log through it (if that's what you want to do). As
always, the original ADIF file is left untouched, so you will not lose
any data, no matter what happens with the software.

Feel free to let me know of any problem via the email link on my web site.

Didier KO4BB


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