Re: Ver 3.35 to ????


My $.02 worth:
Under old programs on the web page, you can have all the updates you want.
Why not update from 3.35 to 3.36 to 3.37 to 3.38? Not really that time
Or just do a new install of 3.38 per the readme file.

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I had hoped that the reply would tell me whether I can go from 3.35 to 3.38
with the latest update on the website. If not, are the interim releases
still available to stage up to the latest version. I never wanted to
interrupt my progression to the latest version. I just don't know how to get
there at this time given that I am at Ver. 3.35 now. I guess I was expecting
versions 3.36xx to fix problems as has happened in the past, but it then
jumped to 3.37 and then to 3.38.

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Every upgrade package and every full release package come with written
instructions in a READ.ME file.  What you do is entirely up to you.  73.

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I am currently at Version 3.35 and while waiting for the dust to settle
right after 3.36 was released, and then 3.37 (short time, many bugs/fixes)
it is now at 3.38 and the main website says the only upgrade version
available is to go from 3.36 or 3.37 to 3.38. What do I do now??

John Owens - N7TK

Celebrating over 50 Years in Ham Radio No. 1 Honor Roll

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