Install Problem - MSRedist.msi

ve3cv <jjw5257@...>

I was merrily DXing the other day and Logger32 had been working great then when I changed bands and switched to MMVARI for RTTY my rig failed to transmit and it seemed that the CAT had failed.
SO I checked with N1MM logger and rig control was fine as was RTTY with MMTTY.

I decided to to a full delete and reinstall of the latest full file for Logger32 and then everything went weird. The program install says it was completed OK, but still no rig control. Then I went to open N1MM and I get this pop-up message in a MSRedist.msi window:

"Please wait while Windows configures MSRedist"

Then immediately another pop-up Setup Window with this message:
" ! The MSI must be launched through setup"

I don't get these messages when I open Logger32, but now I get them when opening any other program. I can delete the pop-ups and then the programs open OK.

I have tried all the fixes found (deleting MSRedist.msi file or msconfig.msi folder), but I cannot find either on my Windows XP machine. I have searched with hidden files showing and nada.

I've done a disk clean and defraq before reinstalling Logger32. Also searched for driver updates with driver detective and used registry mechanic. Nothing helps so far.

Any clues to what is going on and how to fix? Missing Logger32 big time. Using N1MM Logger for now.


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