Re: Problem with RX-Clöuster

Bob Furzer <n6bfm@...>

Say what? Can someone please translate this for me. Logger has been
available on the Internet for 7½ + years, no one has asked for the Cluster
window to be VT220 compatible. Is this a generic request, or is it specific to one users requirements?

Again. say what?

At 03:18 AM 06/29/2000 +0300, you wrote:
Hi Bob and others!
I use a lot of Rx-Cluster, its mean that I haven't connection to Cluster.I
have some problem sometimes..
I send *.bmp file that You understand what is the problem. I 'm sorry
because somebody don't like receiver any large file,.sorry.
My friend OH2BP use Ansi/VT220 Atributes Characters (AnsiStandard is ON)
and he has connection to the DX-Cluster whithout Node (direct to the
Cluster). When Cluster send DX-info to him I also received DX-Info to my
DX Cluster-Window, but this information data is wrong for me (look at
*.bmp file). I mean I can't see any Call, only ..[0m...freq.
OH2BP said that he use AnsiStandard On . Its mean Bold/Highlight...He
hasen't any PC only terminal connection.
The problem is in my DX Cluster window. ,I have had this same problem with
my other RX-DXCluster progam, but the programmer fixed this problem. I
hope that Bob can also fixed this problem.
But I can live with that..hi.

73 de Retu (OH3NJV)
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