Re: New feature in Logger32 (ver3.34.17)

Michael Harris

Well I was one who asked for it and have been using it now for over a week and made some feedback to Bob.

It works very well indeed. I would suggest that for RTTY not to use more than 12 RX channels in the first instance, that fills the available bandwidth pretty well. Any more and you just get adjacent channels decoding the same signal. I used it S&P in the Russian RTTY contest by simply setting the K3 VFO to 1kHz steps and worked stations one multi decoded block at a time.


Mike VP8NO

On 12/09/2011 16:33, Geoff Anderson wrote:
I do not believe that many ( if any) have bothered to read the readme file
sent out with the latest version of Logger32 - or more probably users have
not appreciated the significance of what was mentioned.

Logger32 now contains a MULTI receive facility within the MMVari module
which allows for the decoding of up to 24 channels within a 2 kHz band.
This is described in detail in the help file (open the help file and type in
MULTIRX as the search keyword and click on List Topics)

As I have not seen one person make any comment about this addition I suspect
that the fact that it is there has bypassed many - even those who actually
asked for it...

73 de Geoff



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