Re: Changed to Win7/Pro64Bit, USB to RS232 Problem

Michael Harris


Just for perspective, I've got a USB>RS232 converter with a Prolific chipset that I bought from Elecraft a few years ago with my K3. It worked fine on my old WinXP Pro system and it works fine on my new Win7 Pro 64 bit system. The answer lies in the drivers. To be fair, others have had problems.

Out of interest, given a recent thread, I connected up my PST61D rotator controller to the PC (physical RS232 port, Byterunner two port card) and set up the rotator control in Logger32 and that worked without issue. Never thought to use it before and the only slight irritation is that the Az/Eq projection isn't round (aspect ratio is locked) but that is possibly down to the display resolution 1600 x 900 wide screen. However, the map isn't absolutely necessary but it is useful.


Mike VP8NO

On 15/08/2011 18:28, mardikas15 wrote:
USB-RS232 converters with FTDI chipsets are more "compatible" in many cases. I bought for example mine cheap
Tested with some PLC-s and my cable worked like charm, others not always.

73, Mart

--- In hamlogger@..., Jose Bonanca<jabct1aos@...> wrote:

Yes there are lots of people working with win7 and no complaints.... The
prolific PROLIFIC is the problem or better yet its drivers...

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