Re: 'configure "keep-alive" messages'

Gerry VE6LB

Or if you have W7 display option set to Medium (125% enlargement) as I do for old, weak eyes.

Gerry VE6LB

From: Jim Hargrave
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Subject: RE: [hamlogger] 'configure "keep-alive" messages'


Have you tried using a different FONT?

73s de Jim

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Subject: [hamlogger] ‘configure “keep-alive” messages’

I contacted the organizers to see if there was a `Windows 7'
version of Logger 32 and I was told `No, but lots of users are
running it without any problems.

I'm running Windows 7 and I've just loaded Logger 32 onto my
computer and I have a small problem.

From the main menu, when I click on `setup' and then onto `DX
Spots' then `configure "keep-alive" messages' I get the
`Telnet/ Cluster Keep-alive' configuration box with the two
tick boxes, the text to the right of this is missed placed and
I can't read it clearly.

I've ticked both boxes and the system seems to be working ok
but I just wanted to know what I've ticked, is it just sending
a request to stay in contact or have I ticked to say `Yes' and
I'm the proud owner of a time-share property somewhere?

Kind Regards ... Andy gw0jxm


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