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Both of these files are in the c:\logger directory.
The CHM has a big yellow question mark, and it is 15.9 mb.

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Logger32.CHM and Logger32.CHI

73 Javier

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Is the file Logger32.chm in the default Logger directory???

73 de Geoff


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I went back, searched the forums, and found some more info about the
file problem. I deleted the CAB files from my windows directory,
logger, reinstalled, checked for proper file location, all seems to be
should, still can't access the help file. If I try to open it directly
windows explorer, a file transfer pop up appears, asking if I want to
or save the file??? Neither opening or saving gets me anywhere, computer
just goes into limbo. A Microsoft FAQ listed 4 necessary files for
HTML help files to work, and they were all where they belong.

I installed logger on an old laptop I have with the same XP sp3 and it
installed and is able to access the help file. I've compared everything
know of that could be causing this, but getting nowhere fast.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

73 N2TBP Mike

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I've been following this group for a while now and finally decided to
download and install 3.29.1.

I read the README file, and remember quite a bit of discussion here
regarding inability to access the HELP file, but the msg I get is quite
different. Mine says:

"Unable to launch HTML help, or the topic you requested does not exist."

snip"Select properties and UNcheck the message at the
bottom of that screen saying "this file was downloaded from
computer and may be blocked." unsnip.
There is no such msg or box under properties for my Logger32.chm file.

I get the same error if I click on Copyrights and License.

I did check my Windows directory, and there are up to cabinet files. Should they be there?

I am running XP sp3. Any help please?


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