Re: Enhancement suggestions

K4SB <k4sb@...>

Rick Williams wrote:

Yes Logger will pick up the packets and post them even if not connected BUT
unless you have a great path (I don't) it's risky since you're never sure if
ALL the packets are being received.
Perhaps something to ease your minds in this particular case. The
packet code is set to look at the next spot which appears and
see if it is substantially equal to the last one. For example,
let's say you are monitoring a cluster with 20 people connected.
I put out a spot. That spot is then sent to the other 19
connections by the cluster. So, in essense, you have in this
example 19 chances of getting the spot. Just imagine the first 5
or so are missing some iformation. Since they do not represent
the proper protocal for packet, they are ignored. Let's say #8
comes through OK. You will see it displayed, and of course , #9
through ? are ignored. Of course, the odds of your getting the
packet under marginal conditions are a function of the number of
individuals connected to the node.


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