Re: Enhancement suggestions

Stephen Carroll <carrollst@...>

Thanks for the reply. To clarify however, there's a small "DX Cluster"
window (upper right) and then the "Packet Cluster" window.

If I sit down in the shack, turn on the 2m rig & tnc and then connect
to the local cluster there are NO spots in the "DX Cluster" window (yet).
So I type SH/DX in the "Packet Cluster" window to find out what the last
few spots have been while my packet gear was offline. In the XMLOG soft-
ware I was able to click in this window and QSY the radio too. I was just
curious if it could be done in LOGGER or not. I guess not !!! It's really
not a big deal to have to MANUALLY tune the rig for those first few spots
until the "DX Cluster" window starts listing the spots.

Did I understand that you don't even need to be connected for the "DX
Cluster" window to fill up with spots?

I really like this LOGGER program !!!

73, Steve - K2SC

--- K4SB <> wrote: wrote:

Also, it would be nice to also be able to click on a spot from
within the packet window in order to QSY my TS-850S/AT.

73, Steve - K2SC
Well Steve, assumming the "packet window" you speak of is the
small display at the top right, Logger will do exactly what you
sayl put the call in the log window and set your radio right on
the spot.

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