Re: Installation

Michael Harris

Good day,

Previously I also had problems with downloading from the Logger site, dropped connections, broken files etc. The only answer was to install and use a download manager. I use "Free Download Manager" which is very good.

It was interesting to watch the progress log to see how many times the transfer dropped a segment and resumed. I wasn't having any problems with other sites at the time.


Mike VP8NO

On 07/10/2006 21:25:13, Bob Gates (regates@...) wrote:

I had a problem being able to download any part of the file. My workaround
was to right click on the icon for the full zip file, select Save Target
As, then pick a place to download it to. For reasons known only to Bill
Gates, it worked and I received the entire file.

If that doesn't work for you, e-mail me direct and I'll send you the zip
file so you can go from there.

73, Bob W7BJ

I tried again to download as below with the same results. Running my
virus checker indicates 3 corrupted files in the .zip download.
I tried again on a different PC with the same results.
Anyone else not able to download a good copy of logger32 (zip)

Thanks de Joe.

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