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HamfeastAZ is a social gathering every Saturday evening at various restaurants in the Phoenix area.  Come with your friends and family as anyone can attend.  If you're looking to meet people you've been chatting with on the local repeaters, bring an appetite and a few good stories.  
This group was started by a few friends meeting weekly to discuss public service events.  When word got out about the meetin' n eatin', they started posting a schedule for others to join.  Thanks to Ed K9EDK and Dreux W7EMU for managing the list all of these years.
Joining HamfeastAZ on Groups.io is an announcement only email list that sends out 2 reminder emails weekly.  We will not use your email for anything else to keep inbox clutter to a minimal.  
Do you have a favorite restaurant that you'd like added to the rotation?  Send the suggestion to HamfeastAZ+owner@groups.io.  Our restaurant criteria is good food, seating large enough for a group of 20, individual checks, no forced gratuity for large groups, and average meal prices in the $10-$15 range.  If you know about a place that matches that criteria, let us know!

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