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This group is open to anyone who has questions or comments (good or bad) about email groups in general, or in particular, or may be experiencing problems as a member or a moderator of any group.

We will not limit discussion to, if you want to discuss what is happening with Yahoogroups or any other host, be our guest.

Basically, this is a chat group where you can visit with like minded folks about groups in general or specific questions about in particular.

There are members here who have owned successful groups for many years, who will have lots of experience running groups and will be able to answer just about any question that you may have.

There are also members here who have successfully owned and operated help groups on other hosts, other than

Please be considerate of all members, the group is open to anyone of all ages, so be on your best behavior.

New members will be on moderation until after their first message is approved.

We will not be listing "Rules" of etiquette here, for this particular group, suffice it to say the group may not be moderated, but, it is monitored (not the same) by more than one moderator and offensive messages will not be the norm.  It may take us a while to react if an offensive message is sent at 3 o'clock in the morning, but believe us, this is not the place for offensive messages and we will deal with the sender to prevent re-occurrences.

If you see a really offensive message go through the group, you might consider emailing the group owner address (   ) to let us know, some of us have internet service providers who screen out offensive messages and we might not see them.   If you do that, please do not include a copy of the offensive message, or the internet service provider will screen out your message as well.

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