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Mac Williams


I've been using your desktop version since 2002, having bought it a couple of times as I switched institutions.  I've always come back to it because I teach a six-hour course that has assignments that are in-class, in Blackboard, and in the textbook's web platform, so I need a place where I can compile all of the disparate graded items into one whole.  It also makes students have to come by my office to talk with me if they want to know their grade.  

In the current circumstances that doesn't work; I can do a screen share in Zoom and show them their grade, but there's the chance that I might accidentally click the wrong option and expose FERPA-protected information to them.  If you ever decide to add a feature to the desktop version that would allow switching between Student Summary and Student Scores with the knowledge that it won't go out of that student unless you get an "are you sure" button (or something akin to it), I'd be willing to pay some money for an "upgraded" version of the desktop format.  

If not, I'll keep using the product, as I still think it's ease of use is better than anything else I've used, even GraderAider over 20 years ago.  



On Tue, Mar 31, 2020 at 10:07 AM Daniel Ethier <dethier@...> wrote:
Not exactly. Dates in most programs are saved as a number of seconds from January 1, 1970. Don't ask why. Gradekeeper sets the time part of that to noon. If I stopped doing that and just used the full time, then a sort by date would sort assignments on the same date in the order they were created. Maybe. I would need to check on some things. But I could look into it.

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Not sure why you would do that using Zoom.

Why not do email reports. Much simpler and much more secure. You need to enter an email address for each student into the web app. Click the grade for the student to be able to edit email addresses and comments. Then you need to set up your server information. If you have a Gmail account, that's the easiest way. Go to options, choose email server, and sign into Google. Then from the gradebook view, click the email button (the envelope), choose to send either missing assignments or the full progress report, choose to send to all students or one student, check the boxes for which email addresses to use, and click send. Each student gets their report.

Daniel Ethier