“Edit Subject ”options

Jim Cracraft

Hello Daniel,

On the web app, there are the following fields under edit subject: Subject, School, Teacher, Term and only the “Subject” is displayed. On the desktop app, things are a little more flexible and several fields can be displayed and could be re-purposed with different user options. I like to add room number and day/time for my classes but those aren’t options, or don’t seem to be, on the web app. I don’t really need the name field since I am the only one who is teaching this class and it would be nice to see the same flexibility as with the desktop Mac app..

Just wanted to throw that out there as the web app seems to be the way forward. I’m still on on macOS Mojave (version 10.14.6) and use the desktop app for most things.


On Sep 9, 2020, at 5:57 PM, Patricia Samuelsen <psamuelsen@samuelsens.com> wrote:


I just discovered that I can even move multiple assignments at one time in the Custom Sort! That is extremely helpful. You really outdid yourself in adding this great feature. I have used it extensively!

Thanks again for being so responsive to your users.


Daniel Ethier

The web app only displays the subject and term in the upper right. This is a limitation of the grid widget I use. But when you print, it will show the teacher, school, and subject fields. This is exactly the same as the Windows app for Gradekeeper. You can edit those same fields in the web app. You just won't see them unless you print.

Jim Cracraft

Oh, that helps. I had hit print yet. Thanks!