Download Quarter Grades + Exams to Excel

Mr. Werth

Dear Gradekeeper Community and Colleagues:

Good evening; how are you all doing this weekend?  I'm writing to find out if anyone knows how to download the following to Excel:
Q1 - Numerical Average
Q2 - Numerical Average
Q3 - Numerical Average
Q4 - Numerical Average
Mid-Term "Semester 1 Exam"
Final "Semester 2 Exam"
I would like to download an Excel spreadsheet from Gradekeeper Web Version with these six data points for each student so that I can play around with final averages.  Our District is asking us to weight just the first three quarters and mid-term exam for our students if they failed in the 4th Quarter and on the Final Exam because of the coronavirus distance learning problem.  But if students were able to improve in the 4th Quarter and Final, then they want us to factor that in.  I'd like to give my students the best of Q1-Q2-Mid-Term-Q3 or all four quarters and exams as usually calculated in GK if they will benefit from that.
Please let me know if you know how to download the numerical grades for each quarter to Excel.  What I'm seeing now when I click on the Excel download button in the Web Version is a field with the numerical quarter grade and the letter grade combined into one field, and that's not what I need.
Thank you so much!
Michael Werth

Daniel Ethier

You can't do everything at once. You can download an Excel spreadsheet for the gradebook by clicking the Excel icon (X in a box) on the top right. You could do this for each quarter, then copy and paste the relevant columns into one spreadsheet. Shouldn't take too long.