New version of Gradekeeper web app

Daniel Ethier

Version 2.0 of the Gradekeeper web app has been released. This is a big update.

Smaller changes include warning you when a score for an assignment are more than twice the points possible for that assignment, and warning you if the date for an assignment is outside the dates for the current term. You can now undo the last edited student or assignment (including when you choose to scale scores). And when you are editing a score, that row will be highlighted to make it easier to tell which student's score you are entering. There have also been some bug fixes.

Larger changes include adding an export to Excel, which will export the gradebook and attendance grids (as separate sheets) to an Excel spreadsheet downloaded to your computer. You can now import an assignment and scores by opening a .txt or .csv file with the assignment name (and, optionally, category and points possible), and a list of students and their scores. More on this in a subsequent post. Also, when you import a roster of students, those students will be added to the currently open class. So if you want a new class, create the new class first, then open the .txt or .csv file. Or, you can import more students to an existing class.

When sending email reports using your Google account, the reply to address is now set to the teacher address you entered, even if it's not your Gmail email address. If you want to use an address other than your Gmail address, you should add that email address to your Gmail account using their web site under options. If you are using the OneDrive edition of the Gradekeeper web app, email reports will be sent using the Microsoft email account associated with your account. You must open the class from your OneDrive to fully authenticate and get the necessary permissions to send email reports.

To insure that you are using the current version of the web app, be sure to reload the page while holding the shift key (for Chrome and Firefox). For Safari, you should clear history from the Safari menu.

As always, if you run into any problems, be sure to let me know at info@...

Daniel Ethier