goScreen v16 beta is ready

Andrew Guryanov



I am happy to announce the availability of pre-release version of goScreen v16.

Please find it here:


Unzip it and run gsSetup.exe.


What is new?


- Page order. This is how page buttons are arranged on goScreen windows - Window map, Control bar, even a menu. Previously, it was numerical order always. Now it is also alphabetical, reverse numerical, reverse alphabetical and custom. It is really convenient sometimes.


- Added "monitor affinity" into window identification rules. Now it is possible to apply a rule to windows on specific monitor only


- Changed the way page button setting are copied from one page to another making it easier to use.


- Added more options in configurable shortcuts. Namely, it is possible to run goScreen commands by clicking goScreen's window caption bar ("non-button area").


- Added possibility of swapping applications on two screen pages (active and inactive one)


- When on multi-monitor system goScreen manages one monitor only, it now changes wallpaper on this monitor only.


- Added option of displaying "page information" on all monitors


- There are several changes in visual appearance


- As usual, there are bug fixes and performance enhancements.


Thank you for your support

Andrei Gourianov