Specification Overview:                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Frequency range 1.8MHz to 1300MHz.

Power Output : 1.8 - 75 MHz 28 Watts PEP.

Zero latency CW operation with side tone output.

HF LNA + selectable Attenuators.

Single multilayer PCB, size 120 mm X 160 mm

USB control for general operation using HDSDR V2.70, FLEX V2.4.4, etc and for firmware enhancements, on Windows 7.

Power requirements: +13.8 Volt Supply @ 5 Amps

Commercial case in four brilliant anodized colours, size is approximately 30 mm X 125 mm X 165 mm.      

Please visit the Scottie SDR Web Store for the latest news on the Globemaster availability and purchasing



The Scottie Globemaster SDR key design attributes are:-                                                                                                                                                                

  • Superb performance throughout the 1.8 MHz to 1300 MHz range.
  • High RF Output Power, 28 Watts PEP Typical on the HF Bands.
  • Exceptional RF Output Linearity, an IMD of -47dbc measured at +37dbm.
  • First rate Spectral purity. Low Carrier, Image and Harmonic Levels.(see results in wiki section)
  • Robust Thermal Design and Performance, without Fans or PCB heat sinks.
  • Superb Band Pass filtering, used for both RX and TX resulting in superior reduction of RX IMD, out of band interference and TX harmonics.
  • Selectable RX Low Noise Amplifier for use on the HF Bands including 6 and 4 metres.
  • Selectable RX Attenuators with a range of 30 dB.
  • System configuration options include a 1.8 to 75 MHz TX / RX only, without the UHF TX/RX section components fitted.Thus providing a minimal cost configuration.
  • The Enclosure Rear panel has facilities for USB connection, External Amplifier or Transverter control, CW Sidetone Output, ATU Control, CW Key, +13.8 V Supply, UHF RX and TX  SMA Coaxial Connectors  and an HF Antenna BNC Connector.
  • The Front panel displays a TX / RX Status LED..  
  • UHF  TX / RX operation, this is a separate section with a range of 144 MHz to 1300 MHz. Designed for use as a Microwave Transverter tunable I.F.
    • The RX sensitivity is -145dbm typical and a TX Output Power of 2 watts PEP with an I.M.D. of -30dbc typical. Carrier, Image and Spurious Spurs are > -50dbc.
    • The UHF section is automatically selected when the PC software is tuned in the UHF range.
    • Note 1: There are separate RX and TX coaxial connectors for this UHF section.
    • Note 2: Additional filtering should be provided by the Microwave Transverter for TX Harmonics reduction and RX front end selectivity.
    • Note 3: The TX operation is limited to a selected frequency band of your choice to ensure optimised RF Spectrum performance.
  • The Globemaster SDR design was specifically configured to fit within a small, attractive commercial enclosure, available in four colours. 


The Scottie Globemaster SDR design commenced in the UK in 2012.


The design team comprises:-

Firmware design - Andrew Kinsey, Senior Technologist

Electronic design - Ed Murphy, Senior Research Engineer.

Beta Build and testing - Chris, GM4YLN who is an exclusive CW Operator and has worked numerous CW stations worldwide during the test phases.


It is important to have a solid team of special individuals for a demanding project like the Scottie Globemaster, for example, here is Andrews profile and one of his connections C.E.Murphy,

Please take the time to have a look: 


The Scottie Globemaster product itself represents over 3000 man hours of research and development, prototyping, testing and designing for manufacture.


Several units have already been built and extensive 'ON AIR' testing has been carried out over a two year period. 


This product will be available with the SMD components fitted to the PCB and the easy to fit, through hole components require to be fitted by the  purchaser.


Comprehensive documentation is available for the project for final assembly and test.


If you are interested in the innovative Globemaster high performance SDR then please subscribe to the Scottie Globemaster SDR project,


thanks for visiting.



Please refer to the Wiki page for the project documentation, software, test results and product options.



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