Philosophy Discussion Group February meeting - normally meeting at the Goethe Institut

Bruce Kaplan

Much thanks to everyone who came out on Zoom last evening to discuss Kropotkin and Mutual Aid!

As promised here is the link to the late David Graeber's preface to a recent reissue of Mutual Aid:

And if you have Netflix, do check out the Fran Lebowitz / Martin Scorsese series "Pretend It's A City". The 1st episode has that bit I mentioned about her railing against people absorbed in their phones with little to no interest in other people. And in the spirit of mutual aid, even though she's a misanthropic curmudgeon's curmudgeon, she mentions that she offers to help people when asked.

Next month we'll be meeting on Web. Feb. 24 to discuss Robert O. Paxton's "The Anatomy of Fascism". Please let me know if you have any difficulty locating it.

Happy reading!