Overall footprint of machines #mill #lathe #shaper


Hello all, 
I am wondering if someone can provide the overall footprint or bench space required for the shaper and mill, including the motors and mounts. 

My bench space is VERY limited and will have to build new benches that fit into the garage. I am guessing the lathe is an L shape 25" long and 14-18" deep, with additional clearance for hands, etc?

Thank you in advance.

Brandon Nugent

I realize I am late to answering this (over a year), but my footprint for the lathe is approximately 38"x25".  Probably not the most efficient use of space, but there is room at least on the bench to reach around and swap belts, turn the leadscew, etc.  Also my power switch and variable speed control is on a plate that extends away from the lathe and is easy to reach.

The plan is to build a concrete table (much like Makercise), and have enough room around it to do what I need, hold tools as needed and store the rest beneath in some drawers.