Re: Case Hardening the Permanent Spindle #lathe

Guy Winton

You could bore the spindle you have and insert a hardened, ground center


On May 13, 2021 at 8:21 PM Brandon Nugent <nugentmakes@...> wrote:

The spindle is 1018 mild steel.  And yes that is shown in the picture on the left.  Currently I only have a faceplate and plan on building the Gingery 4 jaw and other accessories.  It's all between center turning at the moment so the work is turned with a clamp dog holding the work and pinned between the centers.  I had noticed some deformation on the temporary headstock spindle, mostly cosmetic, but it had made me wonder whether some time in the forge and an oil quench might be in order.

So far so good.  Today I turned out a tool I needed for another project using the setup and it seemed fine.  No issues.


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