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John Dammeyer

Oops.  Forgot the old one.


This shot is from MAY 2002 so one can see the lathe is not new.  And it has seen a lot of use.  Especially since it was the vehicle for developing my ELS which I used to day to turn the wooden plug.  So lots of automated motion back and forth.



Still I thought it was interesting.


Oh and here's that wooden plug.   So even though I have a big South Bend I still find I use the little Gingery.  And it's fully automated with the ELS so the shoulder on the plug was set up as threading with 0.020" pitch, cutting 0.04" per pass for a total depth of 0.210" to get to 1.5" from the wooden blank.  The blank was held in the 3-Jaw.



John Dammeyer



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