Re: What happened to Makercise?

Ethan Allred

It's a lebond regal lathe, built in the latter half of 1950. 17" center and over 60" working length, it was a bear to get into my garage. I'm about halfway through the restoration now, having taken the whole thing apart in my spare time while working 40 hours a week and taking 4 classes a semester at college. Recording it all for YouTube has been a learning experience itself.

On Sun, May 9, 2021, 14:19 Brandon Nugent <nugentmakes@...> wrote:
The castings were definitely troublesome.  Headstock and the bed were the worst.  Although over time it did get better and when I picked up the book by John Campbell, it all started to turn a corner.  Imagining someone in an apartment and trying to build any of the Gingery machines would take me back to where I was, in an apartment and relegated to building things virtually(i.e. coding).  Wasn't until the opportunity showed itself that I was able to begin the three year journey of building the lathe.  No regrets.  Its been a meditation of sorts and something I've been able to share with my kids.  Not sure they will ever decide to pick up a crucible and join me, but at least they've seen it happen and have a contextual perspective of how some projects take a little bit longer than an hour.
I switched over to buying a 70 year old large lathe and restoring that for YouTube videos
What kind of lathe?  Restoration projects definitely teach a lot.

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