Re: What happened to Makercise?

Brandon Nugent

I can tell you his videos really helped me as I built and finished my Gingery lathe last year.  Great editing and super helpful.

As for posting my own videos... that's a lot of work!  The expectation of quality and the time needed to make just a crappy video are more than I am capable of at the moment.  My next project will be the shaper, but that's after we get resettled after our move this year and I find a good place to put the lathe and foundry equipment.  My intention is to film and post as much as possible, and if I do, it will be low budget.

Even if the question has been answered, I hope other people will NOT take my approach and do videos anyway.  I enjoy seeing how people have solved certain problems and I tend to always learn something.  Perhaps I will be able to return the favor at some point.  In the meantime, I do post picture on Instagram (nugentmakes) and have at least been recording the Gingery progress there for others to review.

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