August Special "Composite" Competiton Background Images for Download

Mat Bergman

The special "composite" competition backgrounds are ready for download for our August meeting on Monday the 24th. The challenge is to add your own stereo subject to one or more of the backgrounds.


In addition to Stephanie Ann Blythe's "Alley off Main Street," Melinda Green has contributed several stereo photos that are ideal for use as a background image for your stereo composite.


To participate, select one or more background images and add your subject. Entries are due no later than Wednesday, August 19. Up to four special competition entries can be submitted. A reminder email will follow this one the week before the meeting.


Download the background images here, or get them on our discussion board:


1. Alley off Main Street


2. Chain Link Overpass


3. Postcard


4. Greece


5. Lone Bush