GFMD Ukraine media support information sharing email list

What is the purpose of this email group?

- Announcing GFMD's bi-weekly information sharing meetings on support to Ukrainian journalists and media.

- Announcing other information sharing meetings, such as on how to coordinate support to Ukrainian journalists displaced from Ukraine.

- Share notes from GFMD's information sharing meetings.

- Sharing other information relevant to media assistance tor Ukraine and the region.

Who manages this list?
This list is managed by the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD).

Who is on this list?
Everyone on this list is either a GFMD member, a trusted partner of GFMD, or a partner organisation of one of our members. 


Can list members write directly to the group?

Yes. However, all emails will be pre-screened and approved by the GFMD team to ensure it is not overused. Information in some emails may be summarised and shared as part of digests of information collated by the GFMD team. 

Who can see who is on the list?
Information about list members is not publicly available. Your contact details will only be available for other list members to see if you write an email to the list.

Background information:




- Perugia Declaration for Ukraine:


Contact details: 

If you have questions or queries please contact GFMD's Head of Policy and Learning, Tom Law:
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