Get Sutton Cycling!

We represent the London Cycling Campaign in Sutton, and our aim is to help make Sutton one of London’s exemplary cycling boroughs.

The focus is on improving cycling infrastructure in Sutton. Transformative infrastructure. Our ambition is to take forward and build on the Space for Cycling campaign, so that cycling is seen as a stress-free transport option for everyone.

With your help we will:

  • highlight problems faced by cyclists (or would-be cyclists) to Sutton Council, TfL and any other relevant bodies, with the aim of getting the situation improved.
  • scrutinise proposed cycling schemes to ensure that they will be an actual benefit to cycling as a mode of transport and a good use of tax payers’ money.
  • keep in touch with developments in other London boroughs to make sure Sutton does not get left even further behind.

Other groups do a good job of organising rides (and we may do this on occasions) or try to change society through cycling – we feel this will happen when the infrastructure makes it possible.

If you are passionate about improving the state of cycling in Sutton get in touch via @cyclinginsutton or and Let’s Get Sutton Cycling!
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