[ehb54/genapp] bf68fb: sync'd hightlights #email By ehb54 ·
[ehb54/genapp] 8aba66: cleaner loading #email By ehb54 ·
[ehb54/genapp] 772ed0: html5 module fields - atomicstructure : support % ... #email By ehb54 ·
[ehb54/genapp] 1a42ef: restore close modal on msgbox close #email By ehb54 ·
[ehb54/genapp] 349ec5: qr msg text timeout #email By ehb54 ·
[ehb54/genapp] ec25a7: fix for ever-growing and possibly contradictory hi... #email By ehb54 ·
[ehb54/genapp] 9715b0: msgbox - noicon.png - fix spacing #email By ehb54 ·
[ehb54/genapp] 79e059: submit label fix #email By ehb54 ·
[ehb54/genapp] 6d647c: qr add new ui styling; submit_label fix for new ids #email By ehb54 ·
[ehb54/genapp] 265a2a: add php boilerplate #email By ehb54 ·
[ehb54/genapp] 3722c6: build-tcp - avoid useless application builds #email By ehb54 ·
[ehb54/genapp] c1ec13: disable ga_filter until fully vetted #email By ehb54 ·
[ehb54/genapp] 79068a: add textarea json io to python boilerplate #email By ehb54 ·
[ehb54/genapp] 88156f: repeat.js : fix for repeat dhtmlr id subs #email By ehb54 ·
[ehb54/genapp] bd4b68: add back support for nosubmit, noreset #email By ehb54 ·
[ehb54/genapp] 481c1c: : modulejson fix for embedded html #email By ehb54 ·
[svn-genapp] r1745 - in bayesapp: bin bin/source modules By svn@... ·
[svn-genapp] r1744 - in genapptest: . bin modules By svn@... ·
[svn-genapp] r1743 - in genappalpha/languages/html5: add/js js types util By svn@... ·
[ehb54/genapp] 0766a0: php 7.4 end() from mongo result behavior change wo... #email By ehb54 ·
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