Issue with windows installer

Luis Enrique Ramos García

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De: Luis Enrique Ramos García <luisenriqueramos1977@...>
Date: mar, 15 nov 2022 a las 8:49
Subject: Issue with windows installer
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Dear all,

I tried to install gate using the installer: gate-developer-9.0.1-installer.jar , but when I double-click on it, I receive the following message:

GATE requires a Java Runtime Environment and works best with a JDK.
Click OK to download one - minimum version 1.8.0.

However, when I run it with:

java -jar gate-developer-9.0.1-installer

The installer runs and it installs GATE.

That means I have a JDK proper installed on my pc.

Later, after GATE was installed, when I try to run it, I receive the same message, and GATE does not run.

Nevertheless, when I run GATE from bin/gateLauncher.jar using the command:

java -jar gateLauncher.jar

It works and GATE starts, so I wonder what should be the problem, and where should be the configuration issue?.

Best regards

Luis Ramos