person title co-referencing

Nouf Bindris

please if I have in the same txt president of united state and Park Obama how could I extract the title President of the United State as name entity referer to Obama name entity, please.
what I have done is,
I add   " president of united state "   to the person names list in the gazetteer and it annotated it as a person but without co-referencing to Barak Obama.
Example of the text :
"Barack Obama is an American politician serving as the 44th President of the United States. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School.”
another example how could I refer to  Prince of Wales as  Prince Charles they are the same person :
"The Prince of Wales is the Queen's eldest son and first in line to the throne. On 29 July 1981 he married Lady Diana Spencer, who became the Princess of Wales. The couple had two sons, William and Harry. They later separated and their marriage was dissolved in 1996. On 31 August 1997, the Princess was killed in a car crash in Paris. Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles on 9 April 2005. As heir to the throne, his main duties are to support the Queen in her royal commitments."
In general, if I need to resolve any title to its original name entities, is this something could be solved by GATE? or how could we solve this problem, please?