Multilingualizing SoMe platforms





I´m contacting you because I’m working for a localization agency and we have an idea regarding multilingualization of social media platforms. We’re all linguists without knowledge of the technical viability of the idea, and therefore we’d love to have your feedback.


In a nutshell: We would translate and re-publish under secondary profiles the content published typically in English by public profiles such as celebrities, politicians or brands. We would do this to address two major issues:

1.       People who don´t fluently understand English (most of the world’s population) don´t follow English-language propfiles even if their content was globally interesting and relevant. People don´t rely on automatic translations because they don´t work in most languages, and

2.       they don´t want to see content on their feed that they don´t understand quickly and easily.


First, we would publish multilingual and translated content on existing social media platforms, but ideally in the future we would have our own platform to publish content in many more languages, and avoiding the legal restrictions that currently apply on some platforms in many countries.


To manage the original posts, their translations (also by external translators), and the re-publishing of the posts under secondary profiles managed by us, we would need a tool to manage all this content and work flow.


The questions I would like to pose to you:

1.       Is there any sense in this idea?

2.       What are the technical limitations or doubts you see here?

3.       Would you be interested in becoming our technical partner and advisor?


Thank you in advance!





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