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This group is for members of the Hilderstone Radio Society who are undergoing training or who wish to improve their skills and knowledge. Access to this group is via approval from the club training officers.

Group rules:

  1. What happens in this group, stays in this group
    Messages in this group are private. They must not be discussed outside of this group with anyone who is not a member. We do this to ensure a safe place to ask questions.
  2. Sorry, your names not on the list
    This group is intended for beginners and improvers. The group admins are all either experienced RSGB trainers or well established operators who have a proven record of good operating practices. When you apply to join, please let us know your current callsign (if you have one) or your full name so we can ensure that only club members who wish to receive training or improve their skills part of the group.
  3. Provide proof
    If you are offering advice to group members then please be prepared to cite your sources and expect to be challenged. This is not done to show anyone up, it is done to help develop a deeper understanding and encourage factual and accurate information to be shared.
  4. Play nice
    Remember that this is a group for learning and sharing. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  5. Moderators rule
    The moderators of the group have absolute right to manage membership, and posts. Posts may be modified or deleted at any time to ensure they comply with the rules of the group.

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