Span bandwidth on transmit #bug_or_feature

G4LNA Paul Balaam

I hope I can explain this. I notice that when you are on transmit the transmit span varies, on 160m it's 100kHz on 40m 10kHz and just about all the other bands it's 20kHz.

Is there a way of changing the span on transmit? Of course the Span button doesn't work when you are transmitting, I've had a look through the manual, but I can't find anything in there. It doesn't seemed to be linked to the RX span, you vary that and the TX span remains the same.

I hope it's not simple, I'm going to feel a right fool if it is.



KD9RTX Cade Rarick

I've noticed this behavior as well. The radio will remember your span settings for each band and to change the span displayed on transmit I do the following. Change the view type to center, set the desired span, change back to whatever view type you prefer. I typically keep mine on Fix and I've found that this works.


G4LNA Paul Balaam

Thanks Cade,

That was simple. Just tried that and it works.

73 from Paul G4LNA.

WA7EM Ed Mohrman

Good morning - I will admit that I am one of the group members who has not studied many of the details of the FTDX10 operation. But, I have not found anything that explains what the display signifies during CW transmit. I have noticed the signal shown on the display gets more narrow when the antenna has a good SWR. But, there must be more significance to what is displayed



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Thanks Cade,

That was simple. Just tried that and it works.

73 from Paul G4LNA.

G4LNA Paul Balaam

Hello Ed,

Yes, I have noticed that also, but I don't take too much notice of it, if I want to monitor either my CW or SSB signal then I just turn the Level down to -30dB and that gives a better indication of the signal, but don't forget to turn it back up on receive. I guess that the transmit monitor for the display is picked off the transmit path somewhere and is overloading the receiver, I get exactly the same affect on my SDR receivers if I overload them.

I tend to use a separate receiver to monitor my signal if I need to anyway.

73 Paul.