Locked FM Repeater OFFSET FREQUENCY bug? #bug_or_feature

PH3J Jan

Hello Alan,

when I look into my rtsystems programmer, there is no option on saving different offsets per channel, only a plus or minus offset. This (only one) offset can be set in the menu like you say.
Maybe split would be an option?


Cheers, Jan PH3J.


This is my first post to the group, but I have been "reading the mail" for quiet some time.

Today I have been playing around with setting up my FTDX10 for FM repeater operation on 6m and think I have found a bug (or more likely my own point of misunderstanding of a "feature"?).

I am attempting to save the settings for two different repeaters in MEMORY.  One repeater has a negative offset of 1000KHz and the other a negative offset of 1700KHz.  This parameter can be set in the RADIO SETTINGS Menu under MODE FM along with TONE FREQ and ENC/DEC mode (i.e. OFF, ENC or TSQ.)   My assumption is that these MODE FM settings are saved in the memory channel along with FREQUENCY, MODE, & ETC.  However, it appears the the OFFSET frequency is *NOT* saved and reverts to the current value in RADIO SETTINGS, but the TONE FREQ and ENC/DEC Mode appear to be saved in memory.     Perhaps Yaesu assumed there would only be one frequency offset for the entire band, but allowed for separate TONE data for each repeater.  I am running V01-09 of the firmware.

Can someone else confirm that this is the case.  Is there a work around?

WA5ZXU in Conifer, CO