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Compact HF/50MHz Transceiver with Yaesu Hybrid SDR technology, 100W transmit power, large Touch LCD screen


  • HF/50 MHz Transceiver (incl. 60m)
  • Hybrid SDR receiver - Downconverter 9 MHz ZF + direct sampling SDR
  • 250 MHz HRDDS Synthesizer
  • 500, 3000, 15 kHz Roofing Filter (300 Hz optional)
  • 15 separate bandpass filters
  • Adjustable ZF Shift & Width, ZF Notch, Contour Filter Audio Peak Filter and more
  • Push-Pull MOSFET PA 5 - 100W transmit power (5 - 25W AM)
  • 5" Touch Display with 3D Spectrum Stream display
  • Quick Memory Bank
  • Decoder for CW, RTTY and PSK-31
  • SD memory card (optional)
  • Remote operation with Yaesu SCU-10LAN


YAESU website FTDX10 - www.bit.ly/FTDX10

YAESU website FTDX10 - https://bit.ly/FTdx10

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